Our culinary journey of Nalaas Aappakadai began in the year 2007 which was launched by Annamalai Foods Pvt Ltd (AFPL) with our first restaurant in Velachery, Chennai. The group is managed by a proffesional team of 5 board members with a combined experience of over 50 years. From there on, there was no looking back owing to the great response by the public.

Nalaas then became a household name as our South Indian speciality delicacy “Aappams” which were innovatively served to customers in various forms. At the time when “Aappams” were only made at home in a traditional style, Nalaas brought in 12 different varieties of Aappams which excited the taste buds of everyone in a house irrespective of age. At Nalaas, there is always something for everyone, be it 6 or 60.

Nalaas is also a multi-cuisine restaurant serving Kerala, Chettinadu, Andhra, Tandoor and Chinese cuisines. the chief ingredients in our biriyanis are healthy herbs and spices which gives it a homely taste. Our Chinese dishes are also authentic in taste and flavour made with carefully chosen ingredients hence suitable for young children.

Today, thanks to our guests for their continued patronage we have grown big since our first inception. We have a total of 12 restaurants spread across Chennai, Kanchipuram and Hyderabad in India and 2 restaurants abroad ( Paris, Abu dhabi) and this number is only set to grow, fuelled by the immense support from our patrons.

Times food award winner in 2011 & 2014 for the best Local Cuisine South.